Studio A (Cyclorama)

White & Chroma 3-wall Cyclorama

The Studio A is the largest of our stages with 160m2 of shooting space, a permanent 3-wall cyclorama, pre-installed dimmable light setup and wide full-sized van entrance straight onto the street for easy setup of large products, sets and props.

A flexible & Affordable Video, Film and Photo Studio.

Whether you need plenty of room for a full set or a black box stage for a minimal look, we have the right space to accommodate your production. Our all-white infinity cove is perfect for isolating any subject and can be creatively lit.

We are always open to customizing the studio space as needed for our clientele. Our studio sets can accommodate your production needs!

Studio A Specifications

STUDIO SIZE: 400 m².
SHOOTING STUDIO DIMENSIONS: W: 10.00 m x L: 14.00 m (20.00 m) x H: 7.60 m.
VEHICLE ACCESS: Through side rolling door W: 3.40 m x H: 3.20 m.
CYCLORAMA DIMENSIONS (3 WALL): W: 10.00 m x L: 8.50 m x H: 4.20 m.
LIGHTING GRID: Prolyte Truss X30D Grid W: 10.00 m x L: 9.00 m.
CYCLORAMA: ‘U’ Shaped White or Green Chroma Key Infinity Cove.

Flexible Studio Sets

We can customize our studio to your type of production

White Cyclorama

Our large infinity curve is 5m high x 10m wide x 9m long, making it perfect for a wide range of video, TV commercials or music video shots requiring that floating feeling of endless space.

Chroma Green Cyc

The Studio A Cyclorama is interchangeable to green screen or blue screen paint, black or key backdrops, and offers superb flexibility for VFX special effects.

Black Out Studio

We can cover the space with large blackout curtains. This is a very practical and cost-friendly way to darken the studio and provide the perfect background for unlimited possibilities.

Studio A features a purpose built 90 degree seamless white cyc, built-in lighting rigs and multiple production spaces.

Studio Features
  • Professional in-house assistants
  • Studio with a pre-lit package
  • Lighting grid with dimmer packs
  • Suspended Audio Playback system
  • Kitchen, Hair & Makeup and Dressing rooms
  • The set is accessible for car shooting
  • Free Parking

Professional in-house assistants

Our experienced crew is always on site to answer your questions and to attend to all the built-in technology.

Versatile Studios

All the production spaces are fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of your project.

Additional equipment hire

We will provide you with cost-effective quotes on equipment, or anything else you might need for your project.